Farina Adriano engineering and design department, through the use of CAD-CAM 3D software, is promptly able to fulfil any kind of request, complying with excellent quality standards. Starting from technical specifications made by our customers (drawings or samples), our company provides:

  • 2D/3D design of moulds for sheet metal cold forming;
  • 2D/3D design of punching moulds for the cleaning of aluminium and magnesium castings;
  • CAD-CAM processing (also for complex surfaces);
  • feasibility studies  and estimates;
  • external support to the design process;
  • assistance in the development of prototypes and samplings.

The following productive fields fall within our competence:

  • automotive,
  • furnishing,
  • food, household appliances and items,
  • barometers,
  • watchmaking and jewellery-making,
  • fashion and sports,
  • building, energy and transports.

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